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At one time, wipes were primarily thought of as a product used for the cleaning a baby during diapering.  Today, wipes are everywhere from medical prep tables to cosmetic bags to clean stations posted near the entrances of grocery stores. Wipes and wiper products are becoming more and more popular in a time when consumers… Read more »

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Disposable diapers developed with nonwoven fabrics introduced a revolutionary new high-demand product to the personal hygiene marketplace. Since first becoming widely used in the 1970’s, the design of disposable diapers has be become thinner and sleeker, as innovators have defined the materials and fabrication processes involved in making them. Today, nonwoven diaper products have “grown… Read more »

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Nonwovens Air Filtration Media Air through bond nonwovens are composed of short, directional or randomly-oriented fibers held in a matrix, often a type of resin or treated bi-component fibers. Precise control over the process results in a very uniform material with superior dust holding and very uniform air permeability. The following properties make air through… Read more »

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Before Photo The exterior renovations are complete and our new plant is looking sharp. Cleaning up the 53 year old building has been a lot of work, with the installation of a new roof and fresh coat of paint it’s really starting to shine. the interior renovations are also wrapping up with the removal of… Read more »

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Simply put, nonwovens have opened doors of opportunity for everyday convenience that would have been the stuff of dreams or wild imagination not too long ago. Just like Henry Ford made it possible for everyday folks to own a car and the Wright brothers to glide from one part of the country to another over… Read more »

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While the agricultural industry isn’t the biggest user of nonwovens, it is nevertheless taking advantage of the technology; in fact, the use of the technology in agriculture is increasing year by year.  There are a number of reasons for this.  Firstly, more farmers are being made aware of the many cost-effective benefits that nonwoven technology… Read more »

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In the 1930s some companies began to do weird experiments with the waste (e.g., cotton) from manufacturing. By bonding some of these materials and then turning to fibers, these companies came up with what we now know as nonwoven fabrics. This is a humble beginning for what is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Classified as… Read more »

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View on FRANKFORT, Ky. (Sept. 7, 2017) – Nonwoven fabrics manufacturer WPT Corp. will open a $6 million, 40-job plant—its second in Ohio County—to add capacity for materials used in hygiene and filtration products such as diapers and furnace air filters, Gov. Matt Bevin announced today.“As a family-owned and operated company, WPT Corp. is… Read more »

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Not surprisingly, the use of nonwovens for medical purposes goes all the way back to WWII, which precipitated a big demand for easily-deployed medical products. As the technology gradually improved, nonwovens proved to be superior to woven products in terms of disposability, adaptability, effectiveness, and cost. Ubiquitous cross-contamination and nosocomial infections in hospitals made it… Read more »

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Beaver Dam, KY — WPT Nonwovens completed the documents necessary on July 14, 2017, to purchase the abandoned Nestaway facility in Beaver Dam, KY. WPT Nonwovens plans to invest $6,000,000 dollars into transforming the building into a state of the art nonwoven fabric facility. The residents of Beaver Dam can be excited for an influx… Read more »