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The role of nonwovens in the personal care market has grown rapidly in recent years, due to the wide selection of personal care wipe products that have been introduced for a diverse range of consumers. According to a recently released report, the global Beauty and Personal Care market was valued at 420000 million US$ in… Read more »

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Through air bonded nonwovens are used in the development of durable end use products including bedding, furniture and carpet backings, as well as disposable products such as hygiene wipes and fabric softener sheets. Featuring advantages such as high tensile strength and versatility, through air bonded nonwovens also offer loft, bulk, absorbency and thickness, as well… Read more »

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Nonwoven fabrics are available in a wide range of fiber types including polyester, cotton, rayon, and blended nonwoven fabrics. Options range from disposable, single-use products to high-strength fabrics designed for durability. Today’s nonwoven fabrics can provide functional characteristics such as absorbency, resilience, softness, strength, and elasticity. The can be developed to be sterile, liquid repellent,… Read more »

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Quality nonwoven material options have expanded to include a broad range of applications. Our environmentally responsible nonwovens are used in a variety of industries including medical, agricultural, hygiene, and consumer goods. Beyond being an environmentally responsible choice, nonwovens are a popular material choice due to characteristics such as breathability, softness, flexibility, durability, affordability, and more…. Read more »

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You have an amazing number of nonwoven fabric manufacturer options when it comes to buying nonwovens. If you are like most buyers, you probably tend to look at price first when considering sources. Of course price is an important consideration, but going with the nonwoven fabric manufacturer that has the lowest price does not necessarily… Read more »

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One of the fastest growing nonwoven market sectors is medical products. Nonwovens Industry reports: “The total consumption of nonwovens in medical applications is expected to reach 351,000 tons by the end of this year, up from 264,000 in 2012, according to research firm Smithers Pira.”“Consumption is expected to rise to 427,000 tons in 2023. The… Read more »

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Gradient acquisition distribution layer (ADL) nonwovens are developed using through air bonding nonwoven technology. Gradient ADL nonwovens combine the advantages of instantaneous fluid distribution and virtually 100% fluid capture. Ideal for products such a feminine hygiene pads, infant diapers, incontinence garments, and wound care, topsheet Gradient ADL offers many advantages over the standard blended fibers… Read more »

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Before Photo WPT Nonwovens is excited to announce the opening of its new facility in Beaver Dam, Kentucky. This property, which was once the abandoned Nestaway plant, has been transformed into our new state-of-the-art nonwovens manufacturing facility. As a nationally recognized manufacturer and distributor of nonwoven materials for a wide range of commercial and consumer… Read more »

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Through air bonding is a type of thermal bonding that involves the application of heated air to the surface of the nonwoven fabric. During the through air bonding process, heated air flows through holes in a plenum above the nonwoven material. Unlike hot ovens, which push air through the material, the through air process uses… Read more »

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In choosing a supplier for any manufacturing materials there is a lot to consider beyond price. In fact, choosing a supplier based on price alone can end up being a very costly decision if the material quality is unacceptable, or the delivery dates are missed. Choosing a supplier for nonwovens is no different. Along with… Read more »