MERV Rated Self Support Pleat Media

MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rated self support pleat media developed by WPT Nonwovens delivers the key characteristics that enhance performance in air filtration applications. Nonwovens, composed of entangled or bonded fibers, bring several unique features to this specific filtration application.

Firstly, the fine fibers in nonwovens create a dense and efficient filtration matrix. This density enables MERV rated self support pleat media to capture a broad spectrum of airborne particles, from larger contaminants to microscopic pollutants, achieving a higher MERV rating on the efficiency scale. This makes it a suitable choice for applications requiring stringent air quality standards.

Secondly, nonwovens provide structural integrity to the pleats, ensuring that the media maintains its shape and remains robust under airflow pressure. This self-supporting nature is vital for sustaining an extended service life and optimal filtration performance over time.

Moreover, nonwovens in MERV rated self support pleat media often possess a hydrophobic nature, resisting moisture and preventing microbial growth. This feature is important in maintaining a clean and effective filtration system.

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