Infant care fabrics

Nonwoven fabrics are ideal for infant care products, offering strength and absorbency, as well as softness and comfort.  Our processes and variety of treatments allow us to create nonwovens that are specifically suited for infant products, such as the fluid acquisition layer and hygiene transfer layer for infant diapers. Nonwoven fabrics are ideal for:

  • Baby diapers
  • Training pants
  • Swim diapers
  • Personal care wipes
  • Changing pads
  • Changing wipes 
  • Cleaning wipes

WPT Nonwovens develops nonwovens made from polyester, rayon, cotton, and blends that are perfect for wipes, cloths, diapers and other infant care items. Our variety of resins enable us to create nonwovens specifically suited to meet the requirements of baby care products. Our nonwovens can be bonded and treated to provide the necessary characteristics for the specific application.

Fabric treatments include:

  • Anti-microbial/anti-bacterial
  • Anti-static
  • Biodegradable
  • Flame retardant
  • Custom colors
  • Hydrophilic
  • And more

A lot of nonwovens manufacturers serve only high volume orders. Our team is happy to fill orders of any size. Whether you are a large producer or a small niche operation, we are ready and able to meet your hygienic product manufacturing requirements with affordable, high quality nonwovens.

WPT Nonwovens also offers inline slitting and winding capabilities to enhance the efficiency of your production process. Contact us to discuss your nonwoven needs.