WPT Nonwovens: An American Made Nonwovens Success Story

Our story began in the early 1970’s with the construction of our original lightweight nonwovens manufacturing plant. Following a successful 30 year career in furniture manufacturing management and 15 years in the nonwovens industry, our company founder, Wayne Robbins officially became a nonwoven fabric manufacturer as the owner and operator of WPT Nonwovens Corporation in 2008.

Located in Beaver Dam, Kentucky, WPT Nonwovens offers resin-bond nonwovens production using raw fibers, such as polyester, rayon, and cotton and bond them together to create a wide variety of nonwoven fabrics. We supply nonwoven materials for the manufacturers of a wide range of nonwoven fabric products. As a versatile, highly capable, and experienced nonwoven fabric producer, we can accommodate quick changes and small order quantities. Our team can develop and run new and innovative trials quickly and efficiently, giving the customer the ability to respond to market changes quickly.

The Dependable & Responsible U.S. Source For Nonwovens

As a premier domestic nonwoven fabric manufacturer, WPT Nonwovens is dedicated to producing quality products and providing uncompromised service to all of our customers. Our specialty is in meeting nonwoven application needs in medical, hygiene, filtration, and commercial markets. Our goals in meeting these objectives include:

  • Providing the Highest Quality Nonwovens and Comprehensive Services
  • Developing Key Supplier Relationships for a Reliable Supply Chain
  • Leading the Nonwovens Industry in Zero Waste Manufacturing Strategies
  • Designing Innovative, Environmentally Responsible, and Sustainable Nonwovens

The WPT Nonwovens team looks forward to meeting your needs as your trusted nonwoven fabric manufacturer and supplier. Contact us to discuss your project.