On behalf of WPT Nonwovens, thank you for your interest in our company. We’re a family owned and operated resin bond nonwovens manufacturer located in Beaver Dam, Kentucky serving global markets in the medical, hygiene, industrial and filtration sectors since 2008.

WPT appreciates the opportunity to serve your needs, and earn a position as a valued partner in the success and growth of your business. Thank you again for your time and have a blessed day.

Wayne Robbins
President & CEO

WPT Nonwovens History & Background

Our original plant was constructed in early 1970’s for the purpose of manufacturing lightweight nonwovens. In June of 2008, with 15 years of experience in nonwovens industry, Wayne Robbins officially became a nonwoven fabric manufacturer as the owner and operator of WPT Nonwovens Corporation. Prior to that he had a successful 30 year career in furniture manufacturing management.

Our facility in Beaver Dam, Kentucky is a nonwovens plant that is referred to a resin-bond facility. The facility purchases raw fibers, such as polyester, rayon, and cotton and bonds those fibers together chemically.

In today’s market, buyers are looking for a nonwoven fabric manufacturer with the ability to accommodate quick changes and small order quantities. WPT’s Beaver Dam facility has the ability to develop and run new and innovative trials quickly and efficiently, giving the customer the ability to respond to market changes in a rapid fashion.

Keys to the success of WPT Nonwovens Corporation

As a premier domestic nonwoven fabric manufacturer, WPT Nonwovens is dedicated to producing quality products, providing uncompromised service, and successfully achieving our goals. This philosophy is reflected in our company’s keys to success:

  • Create key market interest: in Consumer, Filtration, Industrial and Hygiene
  • Develop key supplier relationships
  • Build employee and employer relationships
  • Establish WPT in the marketplace as a high quality resin bond with fast response time and excellent customer care.

We look forward to meeting your needs as your trusted nonwoven fabric manufacturer and supplier. Contact us to discuss your project.

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