• Where is WPT Nonwovens located?
    • WPT Nonwovens is located in Beaver Dam, Kentucky. Our nonwovens plant is a resin-bond facility that purchases raw fibers including polyester, rayon, and cotton, and bonds them together to make high quality nonwovens.

  • What markets do you serve?
    • WPT Nonwovens is a domestic manufacturer of nonwoven textiles, serving a large variety of industries and applications, including Medical, Commercial, and Hygienic.

  • Does WPT Nonwovens work toward promoting sustainability?
    • WPT Nonwovens makes environmental protection and responsibility a priority in our business, and we endeavor to promote sustainability on all levels. We integrate this philosophy with our mission to provide high quality products, value, and outstanding service to our customers. Our total commitment includes quality assurance as well as sustainable processes within our manufacturing operations.

  • Do you produce virgin grade nonwoven fabric?
    • WPT Nonwoven produces American-made, virgin grade nonwoven fabric for applications that require the highest levels of purity and quality. Our virgin grade nonwoven fabric is widely used throughout the medical industry.

  • What types of fibers and blends do you offer?
    • WPT Nonwovens offers:
      Fine Denier Polyester/Course Denier Polyester
  • What resins do you use?
    • WPT Nonwovens binder resin options include:
      Vinyl Acetate (VAC)
      Vinyl Acrylics
      Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
      Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)
      Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)
      Others available
  • What customers does WPT serve?
    • We serve a diverse range of customers in a variety of industries. We are positioned to meet the nonwoven material needs of both high volume businesses and smaller niche manufacturers.