WPT Invests in the Production of PLA Berry Amendment-Compliant MMF Nonwovens

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In February of this year, our team proudly announced the installation of our new man-made fiber (MMF) nonwoven manufacturing line. This 18.5 million dollar investment further expands our capabilities as  a trusted supplier of Berry Amendment-compliant man-made fiber (MMF) nonwoven products.  Berry Amendment Restrictions for Clothing, Fabrics, Fibers, & Yarns The Berry Amendment prohibits the… Read more »

WPT Nonwovens Corporation Invests $18.5 million in New Manufacturing Line

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Beaver Dam, KY — WPT Nonwovens Corporation has announced that they have invested $18.5 million in a new man-made fiber (MMF) nonwoven manufacturing line that will add 35 new jobs to the existing WPT workforce of 110 employees. The new manufacturing line will be housed in a newly constructed 75,000 square feet building owned by… Read more »

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from WPT Nonwovens!

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It is, once again, the time of year to partake in traditions, enjoy family gatherings, and be thankful for the successes and blessings of another year. WPT Nonwovens family is excited to celebrate the holiday season and the wonder of Christmas. As we take time to reflect on this past year with gratitude, we realize… Read more »

WPT Nonwovens Wishes You a Very Merry Christmas

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It is the time of year when we enjoy seasonal celebrations, gatherings with family and friends, and reflect on gratitude for a year of blessings. At WPT, we appreciate our many wonderful customers and loyal business partners. We realize that without you we couldn’t have enjoyed the successes we’ve had, and we are truly thankful…. Read more »

Demand for Cotton Personal Care Production Still Growing

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Single-use nonwoven personal care items have become an indispensable part of the health and hygiene market. At the same time, growing focus on environmental sustainability has driven consumer demand for products that promote less non-biodegradable waste. All natural cotton nonwovens have emerged to bridge the gap between these needs. All-Natural Cotton Personal Care Nonwovens According… Read more »

WPT Nonwovens Launches New Video and YouTube Channel

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Working with Advantage Kentucky Alliance, WPT Nonwovens has created a new promotional video to provide viewers with insight into our company and product line. Filmed on location at our Beaver Dam, Kentucky facility, our manufacturing showcase video features footage of our wide array of nonwoven production processes and equipment. The video is narrated by Travis… Read more »

New Year, New Career…With WPT Nonwovens

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2020 was a stressful year! Many people experienced job loss or serious change in their financial situations. Whatever the reason, if you are looking for a new career in the new year, consider joining our successful and growing team. WPT Nonwovens has experienced amazing growth and opportunity since opening our new facility in Beaver Dam,… Read more »

Demand Grows for Organic Cotton in the Feminine Hygiene Market

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As feminine hygiene products trend toward a demand for eco-friendly, natural, and sustainable products, there is growing interest among manufacturers in organic cotton. A recent Nonwovens Industry article examines trends in this market. As explained in the article, “growth of organic and natural products is being driven by consumers that are becoming aware of the… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving From WPT Nonwovens

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As Thanksgiving approaches, all of us at WPT Nonwovens are taking time to reflect on the season with gratitude. It has been a year of crisis and uncertainty, but also a season of opportunity, to use our business and resources to step up and make a difference. We know that our loyal customers and business… Read more »