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There are many material options that manufacturers of medical bandage products can choose from for the development of their wound care products. Among materials like woven fabrics, foams, and gels, nonwoven fabrics are one of the most desired and widely used materials for bandages as well as other medical care items.

Hospital Supplies

The popularity of nonwoven bandage material is due to a number of beneficial attributes available with nonwovens, including convenience, desirable product characteristics, and manufacturing advantages.

Nonwoven Bandage Material with Antimicrobial Properties

Nonwovens can be developed with special treatments to make them antimicrobial and ideal for medical applications. Depending on how the end-product will be used, such as for a medical garment or a bandage, treatment options vary. With nonwovens, it is very easy and cost effective to develop highly customized medical products.

Nonwovens Can Be Used Along with Other Materials

Durable and lightweight, nonwoven fabrics can be made with properties that are beneficial for bandages, such as absorbency, fabric resilience, softness, and the ability to stretch. Nonwoven can be constructed with other materials such as adhesives to create a bandage product that provides barrier protection, and is easily applied and removed.

Nonwovens Are More Cost-Effective Over Time

Hospitals and medical treatment facilities must often operate on limited budgets. Medical suppliers who seek to provide bulk quantities of wound care products must consider margins and to show prospective buyers how their product can benefit the facility’s budget. Nonwoven bandage material products have been demonstrated to promote healing, reduce the risk of cross-contamination, and eliminate the costs associated with laundering.

Nonwovens Offer Product Design Options and Flexibility

Polypropylene, polyester, viscose, and bicomponent fiber are among the most commonly used fibers in development of nonwoven bandage materials. Nonwovens can be created in a variety of colors, textures, and thicknesses, making them suitable for a wide range of bandage products.

WPT is Your Source for Medical Bandage Nonwovens

WPT Nonwovens manufacturing and development capabilities provide bandage nonwovens that are absorbent, anti-bacterial, soft, and liquid repellent in a variety of colors, textures, and weights. We offer the benefit of inline slitting and winding capabilities, eliminating the need for third party conversion services for bandage product manufacturers, saving them time and money. We welcome any size order, from wound dressing manufacturers of all volumes.

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