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Today’s nonwoven fabrics are being used in an extensive range of applications owing to their ability to provide advantages such as high absorbency, heat resistance, water resistance, antibacterial properties, biodegradability, and more. Driving the expansion of the ability of nonwovens fabrics to meet so many material needs is the development of treatment technologies that allow nonwovens to be customized buring the fabrication process.

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Since 2008, WPT Nonwovens has been a full-service domestic supplier of custom nonwoven fabrics, meeting a diverse variety of product needs. Throughout the past decade, we have grown our operations by expanding facilities, hiring new employees, and equipment investments.

To select the best nonwoven fabric for your application, it is important to choose the right material and the best fabric treatments to meet your needs. WPT Nonwovens serves custom nonwoven needs through both a wide variety of material nonwoven fiber options and our many treatment capabilities.

Every order we create is a custom order because each buyer requires a specific nonwoven to fit their manufacturing needs and end product needs. Key factors we consider include end use, aesthetic needs, and required strength. Understanding how your custom nonwoven is going to be used helps us decide which chemical makeup is going to best provide that desired performance.

Selection of a binding agent is a key consideration in nonwoven product development. Chemical or resin bond provides the ability to customize fabric treatment, allowing a wide range of characteristics to be achieved, from lofty highly absorbent nonwovens for the medical and hygiene markets, to very slick or stiff products used in construction and industrial markets. WPT Nonwovens serves buyers as one of the only domestic chemical bond nonwoven facilities in the U.S., with a comprehensive selection of chemical bonding options.

Chemical bonding allows for a plethora of beneficial characteristics in nonwovens. Our team has developed nonwovens that are fire retardant, hydrophilic, and heat sealable. Our production capabilities have enabled us to take large parent rolls and recoat them for customers looking for a one stop shop.

To learn more about WPT Nonwovens fabric treatment options and how we can best serve your needs, contact us today!