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WPT Nonwovens has seen amazing growth since the opening of our new facility and the expansion of our equipment capabilities. Since July of 2018, new orders and expanding business have tremendously increased production demands. As a result we are adding two new production shifts. WPT recently added 35 production and skilled trade positions, and we are currently accepting applications to add 20 more employees.

Travis Robbins, WPT Nonwovens Vice President and General Manager, says the company is working to fill the new positions as soon as possible to keep up with the growing business volume. Starting salaries have also been increased to attract dependable individuals who are looking for a solid company with which to build a lasting career.

Generally speaking, the nonwovens industry has seen an increase in the demand for high volumes of Air Through Bond nonwoven fabric for the development of hygiene and personal care products. WPT Nonwovens fully expects growth and demand to continue. Our recent facility expansion and equipment acquisitions have positioned WPT as a highly capable supplier of nonwoven material.

WPT Nonwovens develops affordable high quality custom nonwovens with the added benefit of excellent service. We serve both large and small buyers, unlike most high volume and overseas nonwoven textile suppliers. As a domestic nonwoven fabric manufacturer, WPT Nonwovens is proud to offer U.S. based buyers of environmentally responsible nonwovens, including high quality biodegradable nonwovens with quick delivery.

WPT Nonwoven’s recent expansion positions them as a key domestic supplier of this material. Projections indicate the demand will continue, making WPT Nonwovens a secure and dependable employer in the Beaver Dam, Kentucky area.

To learn more and to apply online, visit our hiring page.