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WPT Nonwovens facility

WPT Nonwovens facility before photo
Before Photo

The exterior renovations are complete and our new plant is looking sharp. Cleaning up the 53 year old building has been a lot of work, with the installation of a new roof and fresh coat of paint it’s really starting to shine. the interior renovations are also wrapping up with the removal of 20 tons of scrap iron, fresh paint, new dock doors and completely renovated office. The installation of our state-of-the-art nonwoven production line is underway and is scheduled to finish in mid May, not only will our new plant add 100,000,000 square meters of capacity for materials used in hygiene and filtration products, it will create more jobs for Ohio County. We are excited about the job applications coming in and hope to see more as we get closer to May.

WPT Nonwovens is looking forward to the opportunities that we have with the new facility coming in 2018. We look forward to the future blog entries that we will be writing that will allow us to update you on the new capabilities of our state-of-the-art location & what offerings we can provide to our loyal customers moving forward. Please keep in touch with us on LinkedIn or through our blog to learn more.