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Medical manufacturers have long preferred nonwovens as the material of choice for healthcare products. Replacing their much less functional fabric counterparts, medical nonwoven products introduced the concept of safe and sanitary disposable medical products that were affordable for meeting ongoing healthcare needs.

From bandages and wound dressings, the role of nonwovens today has advanced to include a wider range of healthcare necessities, including surgical scrubs and medical gowns. The latest generation of nonwovens offer even more benefits for medical producers with a wide range of fibers and treatment options.

During the pandemic, nonwoven medical products like surgical masks and medical gowns were proven to be critical in providing protection against viruses and other biological agents. Nonwovens have proven effective in preventing cross contamination and the spread of infection in medical and surgical environments.

Nonwoven Medical Gowns Offer Significant Advantages

Nonwovens have been especially well suited for medical gowns and scrubs, items that require an particularly rigorous level of cleanliness and sterility. In addition to the advantage of being single-use products, medical gowns can also be developed using a variety of beneficial treatments. Medical gowns made from nonwovens even offer aesthetic benefits, such a variety of color options.

Here are just a few of the characteristics that make nonwovens the preferred choice for medical gowns:

Antimicrobial Treatments Are Available

Nonwoven medical gowns can be developed with specific treatments to make them antimicrobial, making them ideal for medical applications. Options vary and are typically based on how and where the end-product will be used, whether as a patient medical gown or as surgical scrubs.

Nonwovens May Be Combined with Other Materials

Depending on the desired medical gown attributes, nonwoven fabrics can be made strong and lightweight. Nonwovens can be made with characteristics appropriate for the product purpose, including absorbency, fabric resilience, softness, and the ability to stretch.

Nonwovens Are More Cost-Effective Over Time

Healthcare facilities typically have to deal with limited resources. Medical suppliers who supply medical product needs must assess margins and demonstrate that the performance of their product can be beneficial for the facility’s budget. Nonwoven fabric has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, and eliminate the costs associated with laundering.

WPT Nonwovens Meets the Need for Medical Gowns

WPT Nonwovens offers manufacturing capabilities to develop nonwovens that are ideally suited for medical gowns and other healthcare products. We produce nonwovens that are absorbent, anti-bacterial, soft, and liquid repellent in a variety of colors, textures, and weights. We also offer the benefit of inline slitting and winding capabilities, eliminating the need for third party conversion services for medical product manufacturers.

We welcome any size order, from medical gown manufacturers and other healthcare product producers of all volumes. Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your medical product manufacturing needs with affordable, high quality nonwovens.