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WPT Nonwovens has extensive experience and industry knowledge when it comes to the design and manufacture of nonwoven fabrics. Nonwoven fabric is more widely used than ever before, and the material of choice in a multitude of industries. Nonwovens have become popular for so many products because they are highly customizable. Customers can select from a wide range of fiber types, finishes, and fabric treatment options. However, with all of the options, finding just the right nonwoven fabric may seem challenging.

The more you know about selecting nonwovens, the easier the buying process becomes. That is why the WPT team has developed a resources section on our website. 

WPT Nonwovens Home Page

Here are some of the helpful  resources you can find and use for free, whenever you need them:


We currently have two eBooks in our resources library, which are available as FREE downloads. These guides are designed to provide useful information to manufacturers who use, or are considering using nonwoven fabrics for their products. We hope that our customers will use these eBooks as an educational resource, and then contact us to discuss their specific application needs.

Nonwovens Glossary

For those who are new to nonwovens, we have a glossary of basic nonwovens-related terminology. From “carded” to “underlayment” we explain common industry terms in layman’s language.

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Conversion Calculator

Our quick conversion calculator tool will help you perform the calculations needed when researching and ordering nonwoven fabrics. All you need to do is choose a conversion from the dropdown menu, enter in the required measurements, and hit “Calculate”.

Learn About WPT Nonwovens

Want to learn more about WPT Nonwovens? Browse our frequently asked questions page to find answers to your questions about our business. You can also learn more about our history and background in the about us section of our site. Check out our Gallery to see images of our equipment and facilities.

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