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WPT Nonwovens cares about the environment and we share the priority that many of our customers have to use environmentally responsible materials in the development of their products. As a trusted supplier in the nonwovens industry, we have made the development of our green product line a priority.

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Quality nonwoven material options have grown to include a wide variety of applications. Our environmentally responsible nonwovens are used in a variety of industries including medical,  personal hygiene, and consumer goods. Besides being an environmentally responsible choice, nonwovens are a popular material choice due to characteristics such as breathability, softness, flexibility, durability, affordability, and more.

Sustainable and Cost Effective Solutions

As governmental regulatory pressures concerning the environment increase, manufacturers need cost-effective solutions. There has never been a better time to consider switching from a synthetic nonwoven to a compostable or biodegradable environmentally friendly nonwoven.

Our team uses naturally occurring fibers to develop environmentally friendly nonwovens that offer a range of desirable characteristics. While natural fibers are widely considered to be more expensive than synthetic fibers, our natural fiber nonwovens are very competitive with synthetic products. In terms of sustainability, environmentally responsible nonwovens are inherently sustainable in terms of low manufacturing time and quick production cycle. Nonwovens require fewer production processes in the development of a finished good compared to similar woven and knit goods.

Your U.S. Based Responsible Nonwovens Supplier

As a domestic nonwoven textile manufacturer, WPT Nonwovens offers U.S. based buyers of environmentally responsible nonwovens a U.S. source for high quality products and fast delivery. WPT Nonwovens makes custom nonwovens, affordable pricing, and excellent service available to both large and small buyers, unlike most high volume and overseas nonwoven textile suppliers.

The WPT Nonwovens team is highly experienced in the development of nonwoven materials. Contact us to discuss how we can develop an environmentally responsible nonwoven for your specific application.