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Sustainability has become an important focus for American manufacturers for many reasons. Not only do manufacturing companies have a responsibility to be wise stewards of our land and natural resources, sustainable operations just make sense in terms of cost efficiency and improving bottom line. WPT Nonwovens shares the priority that many of our customers have to use environmentally responsible materials in the development of nonwoven products. As a trusted supplier in the nonwovens industry, we have made a commitment to developing sustainable and responsibly sourced nonwovens.

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Nonwovens Products for Medical, Healthcare, and More

When it comes to convenience and cost efficiency, nonwovens have revolutionized many markets by allowing manufacturers to produce low cost, disposable products that offer many of the same beneficial characteristics offered by traditional woven fabrics. A variety of nonwoven treatment options and fibers expand on the value of nonwovens by creating fabric benefits such as:

  • Anti-microbial/anti-bacterial
  • Anti-static
  • Biodegradable
  • Flame retardant
  • Custom colors
  • Hydrophilic
  • And more

WPT Nonwovens Leads the Way in Developing Responsible and Sustainable Products

Despite providing a host of advantages, some products made with nonwovens have been criticized for being non biodegradable. As an innovative manufacturer of nonwovens, WPT Nonwovens has accepted the challenge to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly nonwovens. Some of our more recent achievements include:

  • Replacing synthetic orthopedic paddings with 100% cotton products in 2009.
  • Being the first domestic company to launch a feminine hygiene product that was certified organic in 2018.
  • Manufacturing nearly 60% of cast paddings for North America all of which are made with cotton or a blend of cotton and viscose (this goes into the VA) in 2022.
  • Developing one of the first commercially successful biodegradable dryer sheets made from wood pulp in 2022.

Your U.S. Based Responsible Nonwovens Supplier

As a domestic nonwoven textile manufacturer, WPT Nonwovens offers U.S. based buyers of environmentally responsible nonwovens a U.S. source for high quality products and fast delivery. WPT Nonwovens makes custom nonwovens, affordable pricing, and excellent service available to both large and small buyers, unlike most high volume and overseas nonwoven textile suppliers.

The WPT Nonwovens team is highly experienced in the development of nonwoven materials. Contact us to discuss how we can develop an environmentally responsible nonwoven for your specific application.