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Successful product development begins with selecting not only the right materials, but also the right supplier for your materials. When it comes to nonwoven fabrics, optimal product quality and performance often is achieved with custom nonwoven fabric, developed by a knowledgeable and experienced nonwovens manufacturer.

The WPT Nonwovens team creates a diverse range of custom nonwovens featuring a variety of fibers, bonding, and treatment options, each providing characteristics that benefit the particular application. When we work with our customers to develop the right nonwovens for their product, we begin the process by considering several key aspects of the product:

  • Product End Use
    Understanding how the nonwoven end product is going to be used will help determine what treatment option will provide that desired performance.
  • Desired Product Appearance
    Options range from lofty highly absorbent nonwovens for the medical and hygiene markets, to very slick or stiff products used in construction and industrial markets.
  • Required Product Tensile Strength
    Nonwovens can be engineered to meet specific strength and flexibility requirements. The nonwoven material bonded and treated to provide the necessary strength properties for the application.

The WPT Nonwovens Custom Nonwovens Supplier Advantage

Depending on what will be required to produce your custom nonwoven, suppliers who offer more services, such as treatment and converting, can offer a cost advantage over other sources. WPT has invested heavily in our ability to provide comprehensive services to save our customers money.

Profitability with your product depends on your ability to meet production goals. The WPT team works hard to build supply chain relationships to offer our customers a dependable source for the materials they need.

As a full service supplier of nonwoven fabrics, WPT Nonwovens is called upon to create custom nonwovens for a wide array of applications. Some specific advantages we offer include:

  • WPT Nonwovens is one of the only chemical bond nonwoven facilities left in the U.S., and is able to offer a comprehensive selection of chemical bonding options.
  • Our production capabilities have enabled us to take large parent rolls and recoat them for customers.
  • We have also developed a “green” line of products that are compostable or in some cases fully biodegradable using natural viscose fibers and biodegradable or compostable binders.
We are able to serve custom nonwoven needs not only through the variety of material nonwoven fiber options we offer, as well as our many treatment capabilities. Contact us today!