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When it comes to shopping for business suppliers, the number one factor most buyers focus on is price. Afterall, your bottom line profitability depends on lowering your cost of doing business. While the price you pay for your nonwovens is a consideration, there are many other ways the right nonwovens supplier can help you lower your cost of doing business.

Domestic Suppliers vs Overseas

Throughout the U.S., manufacturers of a wide range of nonwoven material products are discovering the advantages of choosing a domestic source for their nonwoven fabrics. A domestic supplier will be better able to travel to customer sites as needed. Their team will be able to come to you to discuss new business, pricing, or a quality concern. A supplier that is located in the U.S. is also typically able to offer much better delivery on products. When you are able to count on affordable and dependable delivery from your supply partners, you can be assured of maintaining work flow. You may also be able to reduce the cost of maintaining large inventories with Just-in-Time delivery.


If you want to keep your customers happy and your business thriving, you must deliver a high quality product. When manufacturers select low quality nonwovens to keep their costs down, they are taking a huge risk. They run the risk of a much greater cost, in the form of returned products and compromised reputation, when they put price ahead of quality.

An experienced and reputable supplier will offer you a wide selection of nonwoven fabric, including polyester, cotton, rayon, and blended nonwoven fabrics. Look for a supplier that offers virgin grade nonwoven fabric for applications that demand the highest levels of quality and purity.

Capability and Flexibility

Not all nonwovens suppliers are willing to accommodate customer specific needs, and that can ultimately cost you money. Look for a supplier that provides full capabilities to handle quick-change challenges, with the ability to develop and run new and innovative trials quickly and efficiently.

A strong nonwovens supplier that will best serve your needs will have a fully equipped facility and comprehensive nonwoven fabric treatment options. Look for suppliers that offer full selection of materials, and comprehensive process management to engineer customized, quality nonwoven fabrics. The right supplier will be able to affordably serve the needs of small quantity niche buyers as well as large quantity customers.

You Can Trust WPT Nonwovens as Your Nonwovens Supplier

Boasting decades of experience, we’ve been producing American made, quality nonwovens, including blended nonwoven fabrics and virgin grade nonwoven fabrics. Serving the needs of both high and low volume customers, we are able to meet orders of any size cost-efficiently.

Are you a US manufacturer in need of a dependable, full-service source for quality nonwovens? Contact WPT Nonwovens, your domestic source, to discuss how we may meet your nonwoven needs!