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As Cleaning Wipes Demand Surges, Bicomponent Nonwovens Fill Supply Needs

Have you tried to purchase household cleaning wipes lately? If you have, you may have reached the cleaning products aisle only to find purchase limit signs or even empty shelves. According to a recent article on, the unprecedented demand for some disinfectant products, including cleaning wipes, has spiked more than 500%.

Household cleaning

Manufacturers of these products are responding:

“To alleviate shortages caused by consumer stockpiling, wipes manufacturers have been working as quickly and safely as possible to crank up capacity.”

To meet the demand for the high-strength, lightweight material needed to produce quality disposable wipe products, industry producers are finding that bicomponent fiber nonwovens provide an ideal choice.

Bicomponent fibers are composed of filaments made from two distinct polymers that are extruded together, joining both polymers into one filament. The polymers differ in chemical nature and physical properties and impart unique characteristics. Bicomponent fibers are cost effective and offer features like thermal bonding, extremely fine fibers, self-bulking properties, as well as unique cross-sectioned patterns.

At this time last year, we reported that the markets seemed to anticipate the highest rate of growth for bicomponent nonwovens is the hygiene market. While covid-19 has definitely ramped up the health awareness fueling the demand for personal care products, household cleaning wipes are certain to drive even more growth in this market segment.

According to the market research firm, Mintel, wipes were “already the fastest-growing surface cleaning format. Due to the pandemic, Mintel analysts predict there will be an additional wave of fast-tracking because wipes represent the quickest route to sanitizing a surface after human contact.”

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