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Gradient acquisition distribution layer (ADL) nonwovens are developed using through air bonding nonwoven technology. Gradient ADL nonwovens combine the advantages of instantaneous fluid distribution and virtually 100% fluid capture.

Ideal for products such a feminine hygiene pads, infant diapers, incontinence garments, and wound care, topsheet Gradient ADL offers many advantages over the standard blended fibers approach. Gradient ADL surpass industry standards for performance in the areas of acquisition time and wetback, at lighter weights resulting in a sleek and discreet high performance end product.

In terms of comfort, Gradient ADL offer additional benefits, including effective liquid distribution throughout the product and optimal fluid-holding for enhanced surface dryness. These characteristics allow manufacturers to develop a product that is not only effective, but comfortable and healthy to use.

WPT Nonwovens is a one-stop-source for Gradient ADL nonwovens, as we offer inline slitting, winding, and spooling capabilities in addition to nonwoven products. Eliminating the need for third party conversion services reduces your project costs and time to market. We welcome any size order from manufacturers of all sizes.

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