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Finding dependable suppliers is critical in manufacturing. You can have the most efficient processes and the most talented team in place, but if you do not have a secure supply chain for materials, your productivity can come to a halt.

All too often, purchasers make a supplier decision based solely on price. Choosing a dirt cheap supplier can become an extremely costly decision if the quality of the material is unacceptable, or if it does not arrive when you need it.

Budgeting spending

Buyers of nonwoven material must be especially diligent in selecting a supplier as increasing demand for nonwoven materials has stretched the supply of many types of nonwovens. At the onset of the pandemic, heavy reliance on cheap overseas sources left many medical supply manufacturers scrambling, underscoring the need for more U.S. suppliers in order to develop a reliable supply chain.

American Made Nonwovens

American manufacturers of nonwoven products are realizing the advantages of selecting a domestic source for nonwoven materials. As a domestic supplier, WPT Nonwovens is able to travel to customer sites as needed. Our team is able to come to you to discuss new business, pricing, or a quality concern. Because we are located in the U.S., we are usually able to offer much better delivery on our nonwovens.

Quality & Certification

When manufacturers select low quality nonwovens to lower costs, they are taking a huge risk. In many cases they incur a much greater cost in the form of returned products and compromised reputation when they put price ahead of quality.

Working with a certified supplier is very important to meet the expectation of discerning customers who have become more environmentally responsible in their buying choices. WPT Nonwovens recognized this market trend, and in 2019 made the decision to fully invest by becoming a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified supplier of organic cotton nonwovens.

Capability and Flexibility

Not all nonwovens suppliers are able (or willing) to meet customer specific needs. WPT Nonwovens works hard to be a supplier that offers full capabilities to handle quick-change challenges, with the ability to develop and run new and innovative trials quickly and efficiently.

We meet a wide range of needs from our fully equipped facility by offering comprehensive nonwoven fabric treatment options. We are able to engineer customized, quality nonwoven fabrics, affordably serving the needs of small quantity niche buyers as well as large quantity customers.

Trust WPT Nonwovens as Your Dependable Nonwovens Supplier

Since 2008, WPT Nonwovens has been producing American made, quality nonwovens, including blended nonwoven fabrics and virgin grade nonwoven fabrics in Beaver Dam, Kentucky. If you are in need of a dependable, full-service source for quality nonwovens, please contact us to discuss how we may meet your nonwoven needs!