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You have an amazing number of nonwoven fabric manufacturer options when it comes to buying nonwovens. If you are like most buyers, you probably tend to look at price first when considering sources. Of course price is an important consideration, but going with the nonwoven fabric manufacturer that has the lowest price does not necessarily mean you are choosing the right source for your business. Especially when it comes to inexpensive overseas suppliers.

In choosing a nonwoven fabric manufacturer, consider quality, availability, and customer service, along with price. Buying a low quality nonwoven fabric, waiting months for delivery, or dealing with an unresponsive sales support team will ultimately cost you more in the end.

Many buyers throughout the U.S. are buying from WPT Nonwovens and discovering the advantages of choosing a domestic source for their nonwoven fabrics.

WPT Nonwovens is an experienced nonwoven fabric manufacturer that offers American made, quality nonwovens, including blended nonwoven fabrics and virgin grade nonwoven fabrics. As a domestic source, we are positioned to cost-effectively meet orders of all sizes, so we welcome orders of any size.

In choosing WPT Nonwovens as your nonwoven fabric manufacturer, you are not only buying superior product, you are investing in our business philosophy, which is commitment to excellence across the board – from top-level management to our production team. We are dedicated to addressing customer concerns, optimizing our quality and safety programs to reduce waste and improve efficiency, and  to providing our customers with consistent, competitive pricing.

A trusted domestic nonwoven fabric manufacturer, WPT Nonwovens proud to be a family-owned business that believes in putting our customer needs first. Since we are a nonwoven fabric manufacturer strategically located in the heart of the U.S, our team is ready and able to travel to customer sites as needed. Our U.S. location also assures we are able to offer an average four week time frame – from order placement to delivery – or six weeks on smaller orders, due to the demand from our large volume customers.

As your domestic nonwoven fabric manufacturer we can come to you to discuss new business, pricing, or a quality concern. If you are a US manufacturer in need of a dependable, full-service source for quality nonwovens, consider a domestic source – WPT Nonwovens. Contact us today to discuss your nonwoven needs!