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Feminine hygiene products have become one of the most rapidly expanding personal care markets, due to the increasing demand for convenience and continual product innovation. A recent report from Stratistics MRC says that worldwide, the feminine hygiene products market reached $31.23 billion in 2017 and “is expected to reach $62.84 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 8.1% during the forecast period.”

According to the Stratistics MRC report, “rising knowledge on female hygiene and health, increasing purchasing power and changing lifestyle of consumers” are also factors driving this market. Since nonwoven fabrics continue to be the preferred material for personal care products, including feminine hygiene products, producers of nonwovens will need to efficiently answer this growing need.

WPT Nonwovens is well-positioned to serve this market as a producer of through air bonded bicomponent fiber nonwovens. We have developed an innovative wicking technology that utilizes soft, high quality bicomponent fibers that set the industry standard for strike through and rewet performance.  This new technology enables us to produce feminine hygiene transfer layer nonwovens that provide maximum dryness and comfort characteristics.

Buyers of feminine hygiene transfer layer nonwovens will find added value with the inline slitting and winding capabilities that WPT Nonwovens is able to offer. Our customers enjoy substantial time and money savings by eliminating the need for third party conversions services.

Our team welcomes any size order, from manufacturers of all sizes. If your product line requires highly effective feminine hygiene transfer layer nonwovens or through air bonded bicomponent nonwovens, contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs.