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In the healthcare field, much attention has been given to reducing the incidence of hospital-acquired infection and illnesses. Nonwoven medical fabrics and wound dressing have many advantages in this area due to their unique qualities. Medical fabrics subject to intense scrutiny given the critical nature of their application, which has led to the development of better quality products as well as innovative new uses in the medical field. Wound dressing products are a type of medical nonwoven that has delivered significant advantage in the healthcare field.

Nonwovens are an excellent material for wound dressing for many reasons:

  • Nonwoven wound dressing provides an effective barrier against bacteria
  • Nonwoven material performs better than linen in reducing airborne contaminants
  • Nonwoven wound dressings can be easily adapted to required specifications

Nonwoven materials used for wound dressing have also demonstrated the ability to mitigate medical environments risks caused by drug-resistant bacteria, evolving viral threats, environmental air contaminants, as well as an increasing number of blood-borne diseases.

Wound dressings developed from nonwoven materials are particularly effective since the objective of wound care is to facilitate healing and prevent infection. Nonwoven wound dressings and bandages are well-suited for direct contact with the skin, or for use in wrapping and securing the dressings.

The adaptable characteristics of nonwovens are ideal for specialized wound dressings and wound care products such as bandages, wraps and plasters for cast making, gauze, medical tapes, wadding, and absorbent pads.

Nonwoven medical material is also used to develop highly effective barrier products in preventing exposure to bodily fluids or gases. They are widely used in medical facilities, surgical settings, healthcare centers and other treatment settings to reduce any possibility of infection, contamination or other related concerns.

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